Friday, December 19, 2008

Three's company

Johnny Unitas and Brett Favre: Meet Peyton Manning.

Manning all but locked up his third MVP award Thursday night by leading the Colts to another come-from-behind victory, this time over Jacksonville.

Using the Associated Press award as the benchmark, the better brother will become the third player in NFL history to claim its highest individual honor in three separate years.

In what was once a wide-open race, Manning has risen to the top by carrying an injury-prone Indianapolis team on his shoulders. Quietly (if that's possible), the Colts have won eight in a row.

If records are made to be broken, and by records I mean Favre's numbers, then Peyton is the man yielding a hammer.

A lot of time remains, however, in between now and the point at which Manning could start passing Favre in the books.

And for those that think Favre's most dubious feat is perhaps the most untouchable record, Manning's 165 interceptions have him on pace for 280 at Favre's age.

Not too far behind old No. 4's 305.

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