Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manifest Destiny? We'll take 5 bucks

Came across a mindblowing statistic today that really captures our current economic state. It's courtesy of MFS:

"As of 12/31/08, the market capitalization of the US stock market was $10.6 trillion, a total equal to 74% of the $14.3 trillion US economy. When the stock market peaked in March 2000 before the beginning of a 2 ½ year bear market that lasted until October 2002, the total market capitalization of stocks was equal to 190% of the size of the US economy, an all-time high for the 'stock-to-economy' ratio."

Wow. Looks like investors would rather have their money in just about any other place than the American economy.

Uncle Sam needs to take off his hat and extend it to others in hopes of collecting some spare change...

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