Saturday, February 14, 2009

We knew what you were feeling, Brett

Brett Favre sat through what might be his final ESPN interview this week... although Favre has always been candid, there were moments during his chat with Ed Werder where you could really feel his emotions and honesty doing the talking.

The high point of the interview came after Werder asked Favre "How did it feel emotionally to be rejected by that franchise?"

"Very rarely do I get too upset," Favre answered. "But I was a little peeved, I guess. There was part of me that wanted to just stick it to them. Then I was like, 'That's the wrong reasons.' It was back and forth. My pride was hurt a little bit, I guess."

I'm still not quite sure how to handle any Favre news. I spent most of the past season being ambivalent about Favre's ongoings in New York.

What I do know is that Favre was the closest thing to a hero figure in my life, just as he was in the lives of hundreds of my peers. And it's difficult to know that part of him still feels contempt for the franchise that defined so much of my childhood identity.

The Packers are honest. The Packers are community. The Packers are blue collar. The Packers are loyal. Now, however, the Packers are also business-first and borderline capricious.

Yes, football is a business, I understand that, but the decision to trade Favre was certainly more complicated than the decision made by other teams to let their icons (Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith) go.

The longer I'm removed from the decision, the more I wish it hadn't been made.

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