Thursday, January 8, 2009

Five reasons why that might have been the worst title game ever

Ever get that feeling that you've just spent 3 hours of your life that you'll never get back?

Well if you hadn't before, and were watching the Oklahoma-Florida BCS National Championship Game tonight, you know what it feels like now.

Yeah, like Lions fans feel every Sunday or how GM execs feel every time they scour over a balance sheet. Brain dead.

Perhaps the game wasn't the worst ever - that's a lofty presumption - but Fox's catastrophic telecast probably made it the all-time worst championship game viewing experience.

I would have rather watched Washington play Washington State in Apple Cup 2009: The Sequel We Paid You Not To Film.

At least then we could have chuckled a bit.

In case you missed it, or if you're looking for someone to help you stave off desires to put Tim Tebow in your grandma's manger scene, here are 5 reasons why this BCS title game should go to football broadcast hell:

1. Because Tim Tebow is not Jesus Christ

Sorry, Fox. I hate to burst your bubble. Over the course of the final quarter, Tebow was referred to as each of the following:

- A young man who has done more before graduating college than we could ever hope to do in our lifetimes
- A player who doesn't win because of running or passing skill, but because of will
- One of the top-5 greatest college football players of all time
- The nicest human being you'll ever meet
- The most outstanding 21-year-old to ever live

None of those are a joke.

Let's take a poll: Which of the above 5 statements is the most absurd?

Answer: Tim Tebow will tell you none of the statements are absurd. What's absurd is that there are children in Thailand who need food, and unlike him, you're not there to hand feed it to them.

Because yes, Tebow didn't just go to Thailand, he took food that someone else brought and paid for, and gave it to needy children.

Fox calls that astounding goodwill. I call that PR, Thai style.

Anybody else notice that Tebow's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was part of Fox's postgame highlight package?

2. Because there was more speed in Fox's advertising cut-ins then there was in the gameplay

So much for fireworks.

The greatest offense of all time? The immortal quarterback that turns defenses into sacrificial lambs?

How about ha and ha?

Receivers weren't completing their routes, the quarterbacks threw four picks and the offensive lines weren't the stalwarts we were told they were.

Almost funny... except everyone who picked the over (70 points) isn't laughing.

Yes, 7 of SI's 8 experts picked the game to go over.

CBS Sports had 1 under pick out of 6. But who can blame them?

To Vegas' dismay, the game barely produced half the points needed to fuel an interesting finale.

And defense can only be so much fun. Just ask Oregon State and Pittsburgh.

But no matter. Fox made up for the lack of speed on display by continually cutting away from the game before its commentators had finished their sentences.

Really, Fox? Are you struggling that bad financially? Or was it...

3. Because the announcers had absolutely nothing worthwhile to say

Charles Davis and Thom Brennaman were so bad that Fox started zooming in on the Gatorade tubs with more than 2 minutes remaining.

"Maybe G can save us," they said.

I never thought I'd see the day when I was waiting for ESPN to take over yet another TV contract.

When talking about Oklahoma running back Chris Brown's impressive season, Davis said the following:

"You get enough carries, and you have a shot at production."

Yeah, and when you put your hand on a stove top...

Moving on.

4. Because both strength and conditioning coaches should be fired
How many times did a player go down because of cramps? Aren't these supposed to be the fastest, most conditioned teams in America?

I know there was a month in between games, but come on, people - FedEx had more stamina than either team.

Bad offenses + bad cramps = bad rhythm.

And lastly...

5. Because this was the last game of the season


Didn't think so.

Chris Myers' last question to Percy Harvin after the game was, "Is there anybody else you want to play?"

Harvin, looking like he could care less, said "Naw, we'll stay No. 1 until next year."

Can't say I would have answered any other way. While Utah, Texas and USC stew, Florida becomes the most apathetic team in the land.

If this season doesn't change anything, I don't know what will. But I can't see anything changing.

So thanks, BCS. You sure gave us a roller coaster ride this year.

And now we're stuck hanging upside down.


  1. You are very sad...

  2. The announcing for OSU-TX was awful too! Was it the same group

    There was one promo spot where the play by play guy says Terrell Pryor is our Nissan Z factor of the game, in a manner such that someone would expect some follow-up analysis, but then there was about 15 seconds of awkward silence. There were repeated instances like this

    Why not get Darryl Johnston, Joe Buck, or Dick Stockton? It's not like Fox doesn't have 8 sets of announcers for football on payroll...

  3. The Philippines. Tebow went to the Philippines you ignorant schmuck.

  4. Ha, easy fella. Tebow went to the Philippines as well as Thailand (and other locales). You should know that he travels all around the world in search of PR.. ahem, I mean philanthropic endeavors.

  5. He's pimping the Jesus all around the world....

  6. Awesome. All points taken. I was saying the same thing to my fiance last night. "Is [her friend] coming over tonight? There will be no Wii! Only me and D-I championship." And then the announcers started opening their mouths. And then I started, not them, complaining about the game. Not for the game itself, but for the fools we had to listen to that were not the schools' band.

    Now I can't wait for ESPN to takeover the BCS games.

    And if I can just add a #6: Because it had to be formally announced that this was the first time an African-American was the referee for the BCS national championship game. C'MON!?! Get off it already!

    Grinds my gears and such...

  7. First off, I do NOT like the Gators and Tim Tebow. I will agree it was absolutely overboard in last nights awful broad cast.

    But, his parents are missionaries...that's what they do. They travel around the world and help people.

    A PR stunt, give me a break.

  8. I don't think the game was nearly as bad as you make it seem. Both defenses played well, especially Florida's. SOunds like most of your gripes are with FOX and the broadcasters. And complaining about sports media coverage is not the most original thing to post about.

  9. Was is your beef with him believing that he helping out? I am not religious, but you drip of Christian hating. If we only had more Tebos' of the world, there is a chance this world we would be a better place.

    be formally announced that this was the first time an African-American was the referee for

    This is what liberals do and remember, it's
    about hope and change.

  10. Let me just say that I have nothing against Tebow. He's obviously got a great head on his shoulders, is a phenomenal athlete, and gives back to those more needy than him.

    But can't we all agree that there are many, MANY other people out there that do the same stuff "off the field" that Tebow does? The praise he gets (especially last night, when it reached a nauseating high) is a bit too much for me, and many others, to handle.

    That's all I'm saying... just saying it with a bit of bravado.

    And @Jason: You could write an entire blog series on that point alone... but you'd have to prepare to deal with an extreme backlash! Thanks for the compliments.

  11. Not sure why your hating so much on tebow. How can you not say he is in the top 5 greatest college football players. Also that kid has done a ton with his life unlike you peter who is hating on him cause you still live with your parents and sit on your couch bitching on your blog.

  12. PR stunnt my rear, your just mad bc a good guy who talks about God won. Tebow was not putting words in anyones mouth. The gator chomp was a foul but lets be honest, even Jesus would have been pumped up at that point.

  13. I'm glad someone else was struck by the broadcast last night. To me, it made a mediocre game almost unwatchable!

    I agree that the mention of the "first African American referee" was silly and embarrassing. Also, the praise of all aspects of Tebow's existence were over the top (it sounded like a script written by a pre-teen girl). Great players who do commendable off-the-field stuff should certainly be acknowledged; but so should the third-string tackle, the band member, and the equipment manager who also donate their time and talents to the less fortunate. While these efforts are cetainly praiseworthy (more so than extraordinary athletic skills), the timing and intensity of this praise was out of place and out of scale.

    Back to the game, the most distracting sequence was when Oklahoma had the ball inside the 5 yard line, trying to punch it in, and the announcers never knew what down it was! According to the broadcast, Oklahoma went for it on 4th down on two consecutive plays! As I was watching, I didn't know if they were wrong, the screen was wrong, or I was wrong, but it made the most important series of the game extremely confusing. Don't these guys have someone in their ears telling them when they make a mistake so that it can be quickly corrected?

    One last item - what was the deal with the 4 view split screen? Did we really need to see a live-action shot of the offensive coordinator sitting in the press box? Silly theatrics! I was truly surprised at the quality of the broadcast.

  14. Lets complain about Choklahoma. Stoops is now 1-6 in BCS games, including 3 loses in the NC game. Im not a fan of Ohio State but they seem to get toasted for acomplishing a little less than what OU has done.

  15. 1. Tebow's great, but the fawning is excessive and pointless. What he did on the field is what's important. If you like to imagine a friendship with players, then Tebow is cast as a superhero... but beyond that, he is good at his position and as a leader; what's the point in hating on a media profile?

    2. The coverage was pretty inept-- but couldn't #1 be wrapped into this point?

    3. Okay, we're still on lousy work by Fox employees.

    4. Fire them? Maaaaaybe it's not as easy on the field as it looks, especially when it's two very good teams fighting to validate their programs in the last matchup.

    5. Do you really believe the Gators have a problem with apathy right now, or is this just a whine about someone else not getting into the BCS? Because the work the Gators did after Ole Miss would generally suggest they care. A lot. That was one of those points the annoying sportscasters drilled home again and again.

  16. Aw

    Is someone a little touchy 'cause is condoms er trojans were home watching on TV

  17. Haha, nice hyperlink you got there. If you actually worked for Trojan, that'd be a great social media effort.

    @spatula, your No. 5 is well taken. The Gators certainly dazzled down the stretch. My apathy reference was to players like Harvin AFTER the game. And this makes sense... when you win the title, why should you care about the other teams?

  18. Did I miss something, or was that defensive play on the deep ball along the sidelines on one of Oklahoma's first drives not blatant pass interference? The guy in the secondary lit up the receiver before he ever touched the ball . . . and there was no call or even mention of the fact that it might have been interference. Am I the only one who saw this?

  19. You're forgetting how many times Charles Davis said that if he were running the Florida offense he would put the ball in Tim Tebow's hands. Did he somehow forget that as the quarterback, Tebow handles the ball on basically every play. The only play who handled the ball more often was the center. Maybe that's where Tebow should've played? Brennaman is bad, Davis is an embarrassment. He is commentator working today. Please Fox, fire him now.

  20. Fox's response to this will probably be to replace Brenaman with Joe Buck, which would be much worse.....ugh, I hate Fox so much.

  21. game was fine, announcers were atrocious.

  22. Agreed. This was an awful title game. My friend fell asleep on the couch while watching it, and I got my kicks mocking the announcers for not knowing what they were talking about.

  23. @Pass interference comment - I'll have to take a look at that again (assuming I can find it.) I remember the ferocity of the hit more than I do when he hit him. Perhaps we were all distracted by it enough to not question interference. Anyone else care to chime in on this?

    @the Charles Davis comment. You are totally right. I could have dedicated a whole post to Davis' apparent epiphany that Tebow should handle the ball on every play. (Because he doesn't do that already.)

    @Joe Buck comment - Fox very well might do this. It's pool of "announcers" is only so deep...

    @Right above me. Your friend got the best of it, then... some quality z's instead of spending time with Thom, Charles and a boring game.

  24. Peter - I caught a couple of plays at the gym and definitely saw that one. It was clear to me from the replay that the defender arrived 1/2 a step before the ball did. Incredible hit, though.

    Maybe I wasn't distracted by the wonderful commentary as others may have been, being at the gym and all and having no audio.

  25. ESPN taking over the BCS games will do miracles for these games. Fox doesn't broadcast a college game all year (other than regional networks) and then they take over the biggest games of all?!? These broadcasters could have done a little more research than finding the name Tebow in the bible and noting it a few thousand times.

    Thanks to whoever stated the point regarding the confusion that was the 2nd quarter when Oklahoma found their way inside the 5 yard line. Anyone at home would have followed the sequence of downs better than the clowns calling the game. They were freaking out over the downs and for Oklahoma to do for it on 4th down (when it was really 3rd and just finally as they lined up for the real 4th down did they catch on. The biggest game of the year and you can't follow the downs better than the the guy calling a high school game in the middle of Kansas on a Friday night.

    My head really about exploded listening to these guys last night...

  26. Pass interference...close...very close but it would have taken a replay to determine. At game speed it was bang bang and was definitely not worth spending 5-7 minutes on to rule there was no "indisputable evidence" even if such a play was challengable.

    The announcing...oh dear God. Please do not ever let Joe Buck call a football game, if you have heard his NFL games he is a joke. BCS never should have left ABC with good announcers like Griese, Danielson, hell even Musberger and Herbstreit. At least those guys know football.

    Finally I think we should all stop hating Tebow. What's wrong with him? He has done a lot of good in his life because of his parents and on the field he is an incredible player bringing enough fire for the whole team and a most of the old alumni who only get up to leave the game. He is a team player and lets face it...the Gators know they are good, they act like it and have more confidence than anybody in the country. They want to put as much pressure on other teams to beat them, if they do kudos to them but nothing is more dangerous than a talented team with that much confidence and an energetic leader at arguably the most important position on the field.

  27. you sure must be an athiest to write this kind of column...too much Jesus for you!!!

  28. Its refreshing to see a guy hate a guy like Tebow, or at least slight his duties abroad. If distributing "paid-for" food to Thai-kids is so darn easy, and so PR heavy, why aren't you or any OTHER KID doing it? This is his lifestyle, and why is it his fault the media eats it up? He spends his time doing what he wants to do, or feels a calling to do. You write a blog bitching about kids doing "good" in this world, going to class, and leading their teams. REEEE-freshing! about wanting your time back.

    You sound bitter that your team wasn't there,...THEN, I sure, it would have been a PERFECT game, ruined by poor announcing. but hey, you got your traffic out of it, right? who's doing the PR'ing?

  29. @Right above me: Touché, my friend. Again, let me reiterate, I have nothing against Tebow. The guy obviously has a great head on his shoulders and does a lot to give back to those in less fortunate situations. All I'm doing is mocking the way others talk about the guy. You have to admit it's a bit absurd...

    To take your words and spin them a bit, yes, I agree that more should be written about the guys that do it right, but Tebow dominates 95% of that coverage, doesn't he? I'm sure there are other college football players that could be highlighted for their off-field work. In fact, I know there are.

    And for the record, Utah was more deserving than USC :)

  30. And @4 above this: That was a great argument for Tebow and Florida. One of the better succinct arguments I've seen.

    "He is a team player and lets face it...the Gators know they are good, they act like it and have more confidence than anybody in the country. They want to put as much pressure on other teams to beat them, if they do kudos to them but nothing is more dangerous than a talented team with that much confidence and an energetic leader at arguably the most important position on the field."


  31. "There has been a plethora of anti-Tebow venom being spewed throughout the airwaves and message boards this week. Ridiculous stuff. The fact is if you hate Tebow, you hate humanity. You hate yourself because he makes you feel guilty." - Mike Bianchi Orlando Sentinel

    Now go kill yourself

  32. Utah,...yeah, had they been in the Final, you'd have bitched about that too! Discount the Gator victory, and promote Utah. Tebow is PT Barnum, and because the defenses played well, it was a bad game.
    Yeah, I bet you're a laugh a minute Dude!

  33. Wow. A lot of people hanging from Tebow's jock.

    This blog sums up my feelings towards this game 100%.

  34. given the respective performances of the top 4 teams in the final AP poll, USC would destroy anyone - of course, they were capable of decimating anyone before their annual january slaughterfest as well -

  35. didn't UF beat #1 OU by about as much as USC beat PSU? yeah, USC was *very* impressive beating that big10 powerhouse in the Irrelevant Bowl. and it's not like USC has a reputation for not playing all-out every game; no way. i think the USC motto should somehow include the words "if only" and "capable of." they've won one BCS title, and none between the 70s and BCS, but their coach likes to point out a lot that "if only" they wanted to, of course they could win every year. especially if the rules were different (ie, losses don't matter). somehow they are always "capable of" beating everyone, every year, badly. let's all give them a pat on the back!

  36. I just want Tebow to go pro. I watch college not pro, so then I won't have to hear about it anymore. Not that he's not an impressive young man on and off the field. I just need him off of my schedule.

  37. So I guess were not sick of hearing about strip clubs, shootings, wife beating, DUI's, drug taking and steroid using athletes because we complain when there is talk about one who is trying to do some good. And to say its PR is crazy was it PR when he chose to not go to playboy mansion? Complain about them going on on on about I can understand but knocking his motives does "drip of Christian hating" as somebody post before. He is not Jesus but he does have a much misses understanding of morals and responsibility.

  38. It really does sound a lot like Christian hating. I mean, have we become so jaded that we criticize people for smackin up ho's, poppin off shots at strip clubs, and stuff like that but then attack people who are actually doing stuff worthwhile? And Tebow is DEFINITELY bordering on a top-5 all time player (he'd be cemented if he comes back next year). With that said, though, even as a Gator die-hard I have to say that the praise does go a little far. Does he have a lot of will power? Yes. But to say that he doesn't win due to his skilss is a tad ridiculous....

    People do need to lay off Tebow, though. He can't help if people give him too much praise. He does a very good job of deflecting the praise he gets.

  39. Get a grip people. The point of the article was not to criticize Tim Tebow, it was critical of the announcers and media for going so overboard over him. He is an excelent player and seems like a generally good guy.

  40. I've volunteered with Toys for Tots as a kid, organized soup kitchens for teen runaways, volunteered in Africa, and once gave the coat off of my back to a homeless guy in the middle of winter. Amongst countless other instances. I don't do it to be thanked or even acknowledged; it feels great to make a difference. I think the announcers were a bit over the top because there are a lot of people volunteering who never get acknowledged. And Tim being white didn't help. Just keeping it Post Obama real.

    While Tim mentioning his Lord and Saviour didn't bother me because that's his right, I am still waiting for an athlete, any athlete to thank God when they lose. That's why so called Christians are annoying to people. Why don't you pray about Gaza or poverty or date rape? You get treated like kings in a sport and never do your homework from the time you are in Jr. High school then later people stay home from church on Sundays to watch you and gamble and make millions or lose millions and curse at the screen and you curse on the field then you bring God into the situation? Really? Big whatever.

  41. Tim Tebow is not in the top 5 all time. Not even close.

    And he's going to be a project QB (if not a fullback) in the NFL.

  42. Sounds like jealosy from someone who wishes their team had a quarterback like Tebow and 2 national titles in 3 years.

  43. ball hit defender in back during hit!!!!!!!!! pass interference

  44. ... You do realize Tebow has been doing mission trips all his life right? Do you think that he has been doing PR trips since he was 5? Or are you more ignorant than you claim the announcers are.

  45. You forgot to mention the most annoying part of the telecast - what was up with that stupid play clock in between OU's offensive plays?! I know what they were trying to show, but it was distracting and confusing! Fox sucks.

  46. Was Fox broadcasting worse than ESPN II (the duece)? I would say so. I've seen better jobs by Sun Sports and other local outfits.

    Thank God for Tebow....we all can use good news during this time. I'm sick of Pac Man Jones, T. O. and other "Why Me?" athletes.

    Nova Gator

  47. relax everyone. Tebow is a great guy and a great QB. people are just sick of the hype that he gets for his once in a while missionary trips.

    BYU and Utah have a good amount of their players go on two way missions that they pay for out of pocket but you never hear anything other than "they served a Mormon mission," while every blue moon Tebow spends a week or weekend in Asia giving food away and preaching.

    no one (should) hates Tebow, they just hate the credit and attention he commands for doing things that tons of other people do anonymously. don't kid yourself, if a player at USC or OK or OSU did the same thing they would get just as much attention.

  48. two year missions that they pay for out of pocket*

  49. Tim Tebow is a special person and the world (media)can't help from noticing. Besides being a special person his athleticism is beyond comparison. No other college level quarterback can hang with him rushing or passing. I'm thankful for a young man that is not afraid to share with the world (media)the fact that he is a "born again" bible believing Christian. His acts of kindness toward others less fortunate and comments of praise for others come from his Christlike heart- unlike those thoughtless negative comments mentioned above.

  50. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple