Saturday, January 3, 2009

NFL Playoff Predictions

I've been known to make a few solid predictions.

Call me The Swami, minus the schtick and plus the smarts.

I won more than $400 in a 2005 NFL playoff pool by correctly picking 10 of the 11 games - my only miss came on Wildcard Weekend.

In a 2006 NFL survivor pool, I bested more than 5,000 other competitors in making it to Week 15. I was 1 of 6 remaining at that point, changed my initial picks and lost. First instinct, damnit.

My sole published prediction? The Nov. 10, 2007 edition of the Daily Californian: USC 24, Cal 17.

Final score? USC 24, Cal 17.

Call it bragging if you'd like. I prefer bravado. And if you follow my picks and win, Bravo.

WILDCARD ROUND (all home teams are bolded)
Arizona over Atlanta
Indianapolis over San Diego
Baltimore over Miami
Philadelphia over Minnesota

New York over Philadelphia
Carolina over Arizona
Baltimore over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Indianapolis

New York over Carolina
Pittsburgh over Baltimore

New York over Pittsburgh

Agree or disagree? Post a comment!


  1. peter i agree with most of your picks, except one thing: the giants would play the eagles if the eagles beat the vikings. philly is the 6 seed. i still think they beat the eagles and the panthers beat the cardinals.

  2. Ha, wow, you are definitely correct. I blame sleep deprivation. Thanks for pointing that out, and yes, my winners remain the same.