Friday, January 9, 2009

Headline of the day

No more Tebow on this blog for quite some time...

Instead, I give you this.

No way that headline made it through "finals" without someone cracking up over the irony.

Copy editors of the world, unite! The newspaper industry might be going down, but you won't give up without a fight.

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  1. Florida and OU are simply good football teams who benefit from over hype. The game was poorly played, poorly officiated and poorly covered.
    Poor Play: too many false start penalties, Not good defense, it was bad offensive execution.
    Poor Officiating: the big hit on the OU receiver early in the game was not only before the ball arrived but should have been a penalty for leading with the helmet. Unneccessary stoppages for review, penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct were lousy calls, two cases of missing the call; fourth quarter OU in hurry up mode and a Florida player late to the line of scrimage kicked the ball so as to delay the play, also in fourth quarter OU defender twists the leg of Parcy Harvin after the tackle.
    Poor Fox coverage: it looks like everyone else already agrees but something I haven't heard yet concerns the use of the replay telestrator. Am I wrong or did they keep circleing the wrong player when they were trying to show us who made the play?
    Enough already, everyone who's not a Gator knows the game sucked.